Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.


KINGDOM - Book One

A thriller by Shawna Ryan

  Kingdom Book One


                        Inspired by Actual Events                                 

To build its Kingdom, the Mormon Church demands its men murder and torture men, women and children of all religions, even its own. Her husband savagely murdered for challenging Church doctrine, Anna becomes the property of the Church and is forced to continue her pilgrimage to Utah. In present day Utah, a member of the Church is tried by its Elders for attempting to reveal the details of its conspiracy, is taken to the mountains, and gutted.


The Kingdom Series: 

Mormons are cutting a Kingdom out of the western United States. The series is both historical and contemporary fiction. They follow Anna who converted and emigrated from Europe. Her first husband is murdered aboard ship because he has come to question the secrets and lies that were told to them by the missionaries who converted them. Her second husband is forced to join a murderous militia who kills or maims Mormons who do not obey the priesthood. He is also forced to help massacre over a hundred unarmed men, women and children passing through Utah.