Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.



Thrillers by Shawna Ryan

Main Characters

Sharon Marshall is a successful litigation attorney representing Forbes 500 corporations in civil cases. 

Alex Caldwell is tall and lean. He is a senior reporter for the New York Post, renowned for his exposes on public corruption. Alex’s brother, Eric, is cruelly and ritually murdered by the serial killer.

A year earlier, Sharon and Alex together searched for Sharon’s missing sister and brother-in-law. Tough, loyal, and committed to each other, Sharon and Alex join again to search for Eric’s murderer.


Kevin James is a professor at the University of California Berkeley and an expert in mythology. He joins the search after his life long friend, Monsignor Patrick Bodowski, confesses to Kevin he is under probation for having committed sins against the Vatican. More troubling, he has done something even worse the Vatican has yet to discover.

Alicia Cook suffers a nightmare of change. Her husband, a baptist minister, is killed. In her distress, she cloisters herself in a monastery. Yet, her nightmares only begin when Patrick Bodowski comes for her.

Cornelia has no last name. Last names are irrelevant in the Sequentia, a timeless, subterranean prison in which she tries to keep the women and children imprisoned with her alive.