Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.

KINGDOM - Book Two

A thriller by Shawna Ryan

   Inspired by Actual Events

Mormon Fundamentalists are fulfilling their Prophet’s dream: – slicing a Kingdom out of the United States, terrorizing or murdering anyone who gets in their way. Under threat of torture and death for disobedience, John reluctantly joins the Mormon’s murderous vigilantes and attacks his own people. Having survived the church’s reign of terror against its own members, Anna bears witness to the Mormon’s slaughter of an entire wagon train of unarmed men, women and children.


“Interweaving 1850s Utah with various present-day locales, this sequel continues the bloody back story of religious extremists as they battle to create the 21st century’s “perfect” race. Combining all the tropes of mainstream action-adventure, this book delivers a bloody fusillade of murder, betrayal, historically rooted agendas, and contemporary political corruption. Part Clive Cussler, part Michael Crichton, with just a dash of Thomas Harris….”– Kirkus Reviews