Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.



                                                   A thriller by Shawna Ryan                                                                 

 A reincarnated a serial killer morphs into evil itself inside the Church.

• An investigative reporter lies witness to his own death as he is murdered piece by piece. Yet, he catches only a glimpse of the headless man dressed in black who is hammering a plate into his forehead. 

• A mother’s captor gazes at her through a cream colored mask, at once revolted and aroused by her stench and bestiality. 

• A teacher watches as a purple gloved hand holding a boning knife sever his index finger and uses its bloody stub to sign an oath. 

 Review by Patricia Harrington, Mystery author

Author Shawna Ryan's DESTINY'S DAMNED is in the searing genre that has made best seller lists and was forged by Dan Brown with his THE DA VINCI CODE. Ryan, a Pacific Northwest attorney, has conducted extensive research on mythology that predates Christianity. Noted mythologist, Joseph Campbell, in his work, THE HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES, set Ryan on her own author's creative path of "What if . . .?"
What if there was a great conspiracy to control and spread an empire by creating, manipulating and promoting a religion as the way to do it?
DESTINY'S DAMNED is the first in a trilogy that will undoubtedly collect a very loyal following. The novel is structured so that each chapter covers a single day. The end result is that the novel has a kind of cinematic quality as the story unfolds, and the pacing is such, that readers will find the novel a quick page turner!