Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.



Thrillers by Shawna Ryan

A reincarnated serial killer continues murdering the innocent while drawing closer to the church. Patrick, an out of favor priest, and Alicia search for the “Issue”, the only surviving proof that the “New Testament” as we know it was written by a pagan plotting to destroy Christianity and the western world. Captured, Alicia is imprisoned in a dungeon with women who descended from women imprisoned there hundreds of years before. 

DOUGLAS PRESTON, best selling thriller author, reviewed the trilogy and said of it:

  The Destiny's Damned series by Shawna Ryan is an outstanding trilogy - shocking and fast-paced, full of interesting characters, twists, turns and surprises. I highly recommed it.

         Destiny's Damned

A reincarnated serial killer is hunted by a woman not of this world as he continues ruthlessly murdering the innocent, all the while drawing closer to the Church.


     Satan's Scat

Women and their daughters are imprisoned and murdered in a timeless subterranean dungeon not far from an ancient church in Northwest Ireland.


      Triumvirate of the Damned

Murders increase in the Church’s dungeon as the serial killer reincarnates inside women and children imprisoned there.