Shawna Ryan, Author, Thrillers

                                   Come with me, if you dare, into Murder!


In Shawna Ryan's Thrillers, the Church is embroiled in murder, its past and present colliding in earthly hells.


KINGDOM series:

“Interweaving 1850s Utah with various present-day locales, this sequel continues the bloody back story of religious extremists as they battle to create the 21st century’s “perfect” race. Combining all the tropes of mainstream action-adventure, this book delivers a bloody fusillade of murder, betrayal, historically rooted agendas, and contemporary political corruption. Part Clive Cussler, part Michael Crichton, with just a dash of Thomas Harris….”– Kirkus Reviews


The Kingdom is a chilling and riveting account of the early days of the Mormon Church, with glimpses into disturbing present day activities. From customer review.

Kingdom is a descriptive, haunting historical novel combined with a modern day mystery that one will not soon forget. Character development is particularly strong - helping the reader to understand the conflicts of morality that the     converts encounter.From customer review.


The Destiny's Damned series by Shawna Ryan is an outstanding trilogy - shocking and fast-paced, full of interesting characters, twists, turns and surprises. I highly recommend it. DOUGLAS PRESTON, best selling thriller author.


The novel has a kind of cinematic quality as the story unfolds, and the pacing is such, that readers will find the novel a quick page turner! By Patricia Harrington, Mystery author.


Everything is kept tight and intact in this story, as multiple story lines unfold in each chapter and allow the entire work to come together in a climax that will have readers scrambling for the third installment in the series. By ForeWord Clarion Reviews.


Shawna Ryan expertly juxtaposes the supernatural genre with historical fiction in the concluding volume of her Destiny’s Damned trilogy. Triumvirate of the Damned is a multi- layered story that surpasses the predictable formulaic religious conspiracy thrillers that currently glut the market. The premise behind her novel is unique and the characterization is excellent. By ForeWord Clarion Reviews












Thrillers by Shawna Ryan

                       KINGDOM Book One         KINGDOM Book Two:


Inspired by actual events                           

To carve a Kingdom out of the western United States, the Mormon Church demands its men murder and torture men, women and children of all religions, even its own. 

Book One: Anna’s husband is murdered because he has come to question the secrets and lies that were told to them by the Mormon missionaries who converted them. In the present, Mormon Fundamentalists are fulfilling their Prophet’s dream: – slicing a Kingdom out of the United States. They terrorize or murder anyone who gets in their way. A Mormon dissenter is taken to the mountains and gutted by them for attempting to reveal the details of a conspiracy to guarantee the building of their Kingdom.

Book Two: Under threat of torture and death for disobedience, John reluctantly joins the Mormon’s murderous vigilantes and attacks his own people. Having survived the church’s reign of terror against its own members, Anna bears witness to the Mormon’s slaughter of an entire wagon train of unarmed men, women and children.

Thrillers by Shawna Ryan


 Destiny's Damned

                                Satan's Scat

                                                      Triumvirate of the Damned


Patrick, an out of favor priest, and Alicia search for the “Issue”, the only surviving proof that the “New Testament,” as we know it, was written by a pagan plotting to destroy Christianity and the western world. 

Destiny's Damned: Getting closer and closer to the church, a reincarnated serial killer morphs into evil itself.

Satan's Scat:  Within the deep abiding hell of a timeless subterranean prison, women sacrifice their own lives and those of their children to hide crucial information from the Church.

Triumvirate of the Damned: Within the bowels of the timeless subterranean prison, a child, her face blistered, her hair burned away, stares at the body of a woman thrown inside. The woman is half-naked. Bruised and battered, she is the first new inmate imprisoned there for hundreds of years